2007Gibson les paul plus limited ed
only 400 made, guitar of week 34!
Antique walnut
hardshell case included
Please note:

1) We verify the authenticity of all of our Gibson Les Paul guitars, and we only sell authentic made in USA Gibson guitars. We provide a link to how you can authenticate your Gibson guitar from the serial number, and how you can tell the year your guitar was manufactured and all its specs.
To determine whether your guitar is an authentic Gibson or not, please call Gibson directly at 18004442766 then select 1. Make sure you don't leave a voicemail--if they are too busy because Gibson customer support doesn’t usually respond and if they do, they don't respond fast enough. However, if you don't get transferred to a voicemail, that's a good sign. You will usually speak with either Bob, Benton, Roger, Vincent, Darryl or John. Make sure you have the serial number of the guitar handy, as you can ask for the authenticity, the year the guitar was manufactured, and specs.

Here is a quick method to determine the year your guitar was manufactured (this applies to all guitars from 1977 to today):
  • For Gibson Les Paul classic, Les Paul traditional, Les Paul supreme, Les Paul custom (non custom shop), Les Paul studio, Les Paul special, Les Paul BFG, Les Paul axcess, Les Paul ultima, SG standard, SG special, Gibson ES 335, ES 137, ES 333, this applies to almost all non reissue the method is: the first and the fifth, so if the first digit is 0 and the fifth is 7 that means your guitar is a 2007.
  • For Gibson Les Paul classic: the method is the first and second
  • For Gibson Les Paul custom historic reissue: the method is the second, because the first is the reissue year. For example, if the serial number starts with 7 3, that means the guitar is a custom 57 reissue manufactured in the year 2003. If the first digit is an 8, and the second is a 9 that means your guitar is a Gibson Les Paul custom historic 1958 reissue.
For more in depth details please visit the serialization page on the top of this page

2) Our eBay auctions usually have a higher price because we do have to pay eBay fees, on our website we don't have those fees--we are a bit more flexible with our prices on our site. Our prices are very competitive, and we have the lowest prices on 2010 and 2011 Gibson Les Paul traditional guitars, feel free to compare our prices to market prices and if you buy from our site you will save yourself hundreds of dollars.

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Gibson ES 325 & More

2011 Gibson les paul flood anniversary
limited edition only 300 produced
Green swirl discontinued
truss rod tool  +
Original Gibson Case  are included
2003 Gibson les paul supreme
50's neck
Root Beer discontinued edition
AAAA flametop
Gibson case is included
2005 Gibson les paul standard
Premium plus AAA top  lightburst
Uninstalled pickguard, truss rod tool
and Original hardshell case
Very rare 1997 Gibson les paul joe perry
Darkburst flametop
Original hardshell case
+2 sets of strings are  included
Mint condition
Rare Gibson les paul standard plus 2004
Root beer finish AAA flametop
Original hardshell case
+2 sets of strings are  included
Very good condition
2010 Gibson les paul custom shop white
Certificate of authenticity+
Hang tags+
Truss rod tool+
Original Gibson Case  are included
GIBSON GUITAR IS OUR ADDICTION We sell used, Pre-owned les paul guitars
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2011 Gibson les paul swirl blue
Limited edition
Discontinued edition
Original Gibson case is  included
Mint condition  Price:$1299
2008 Gibson les paul custom shop
silverburst Limited edition
Discontinued edition
Certificate of authenticity+ cable+
Original Gibson case  included
Mint condition  Price:$2750
2005 Gibson les paul standard
plus Iced teaburst
Unistalled pickguard,
truss rod tool  and
Gibson Hard shell case  are  included!
2008 Gibson ES 335 Vintageburst
dot reissue
Memphis custom shop
Gibson hard case  are included
2005 Gibson les paul Supreme desertburst AAAA flametop
Discontinued edition
Ebony fingerboard
Original Gibson case is  included
Excellent condition  Price:$2599
2010 Gibson les paul Slash AFD
Appetite for destruction
Manual, checklist
Strap locks and
Original Gibson case  are  included
2011 Gibson ES 335 dot reissue
Satin cherry
Memphis customshop
Certificate of authenticity and
Original Gibson case are  included
Excellent condition  Price:$1875
2007 Gibson les paul classic antique
Guitar of week 19
Only 400 ever produced
Original Gibson case   included
Mint condition!$1550
2012 Gibson les paul classic custom
Cream white
Discontinued edition
No longer in production
Original Gibson case is  included
Excellent condition  Price:$1850
2012 Gibson les paul classic custom
Wine red Gloss finish
Discontinued edition
Strap locks and
original Gibson case  are  included
2016 Gibson ES 335 SUNSETBURST
Certificate of authenticity and
Gibson hard shell case are  included
Unplayed $2095