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           ABOUT THE FOUNDER: A musician just like you and my passion for rock and roll was too huge to ignore. Since a young age, I played almost every guitar on the market: Fender, Paul Reed Smith, Rickenbacker, Jay Turser, Jackson, Washburn, Schecter, Ibanez, Hamer, ESP, BC Rich, Tokai, Danelectro, Yamaha, Musicman, Charvel, Carlo Robelli, Taylor, Martin, Takamine, Cort, etc.
But as soon as I held my first Gibson between my hands, I was blown away. The sound is second to none. It was a Gibson Les Paul standard and it played beautiful rhythms and amazing solos. Its versatility blew my mind--whether I was playing blues, classic rock, heavy metal, ballads or even punk and grunge this guitar got the job done better than any other guitar I ever played. After seeing the potential of my first Gibson, I decided to buy another one, but this time from the Gibson custom shop so I decided to go with a Gibson Les Paul custom black beauty, and that's how I caught the Gibson bug. I bought and sold Gibson Les Paul guitars for only one reason: to try and own almost every model ever produced by Gibson. Each one added to my love for Gibson guitars. I owned vintage Gibson guitars, limited edition models, discontinued models, limited runs, special orders and signature series such as the Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde signature, the Gibson Les Paul Slash Appetite for Destruction signature, the Gibson Les Paul Joe Perry bone yard pilot edition, etc.


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We sold some very rare guitars like the bone yard pilot edition (only 25 in the world), Gibson fire mist class 5, Gibson of the week 34, etc.
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